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Leading Through Crisis During Covid-19

I recently had the opportunity to speak to the Senior Texas Water Leaders about Leading During Covid-19.

What I've been reflecting on lately is that leadership is EVERYONE's business.

It's not just for the top of your organization chart in the office. We are all leading in every area of our lives - in our families, work environments, and in the communities we are connected to.

We ALL have an opportunity to lead.

I was struck this morning by the coolest quote from American author, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, who wrote the book Women Who Run With the Wolves.

"For years we have been learning, practicing, have been in training for, and just waiting to meet on this exact plane of engagement. I cannot tell you often enough that we are definitely the leaders we have been waiting for, and that we have been raised since childhood for this time precisely."

Boom! Think about that for a minute.

YOU have been "raised since childhood for this time precisely."

I've been coaching leaders almost 30 years - often around the topic of Change and Transition. The leaders I've been coaching over the last few months have been describing the same experience...

They liken their experience to running a command desk at air traffic control. They have to be ever vigilant, in front of their computer, in front of their phone, maybe taking 15 minutes to grab a quick lunch over the sink, and then they're back at it - putting in 12 hour days.

Many of the leaders I work with know they can't maintain this pace.

They're exhausted, running on fumes.

This reminded me of what I wrote about in my book, The Wisdom of Change & Transition, specifically, when there is a major change that is thrust upon us (one we didn't ask for, one that was unexpected), it triggers the internal process of transition.

During this time of transition, it can feel like 40% of our normal intelligence, bandwidth is preoccupied so we are only operating with 60% of ourselves, which can feel truly disorienting.

Add to that - if you're in a leadership role, attempting to GIVE, and beginning to feel like a public utility, how are you replenishing? How are you refilling your tank with energy so you can continue to stay the course?

I think when this whole thing began, most of us felt like it would be a sprint. It has actually become more of a marathon.

You need to pace yourself and replenish along the way.

If we liken this experience to a marathon, what are the ways you can replenish yourself along the way?

Reflect with me for a few minutes.

Let's think about ideas to inspire self care so you can stay the course, feel energized and carry out the tasks at hand.

I hope you enjoy today's video.

Take care of YOU. I'll see you soon...

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