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for Associations eager to provide advanced leadership training

to members.

MORF has created customized leadership development programs for Associations eager to provide advanced leadership training to their members.


For example, Water Education Colorado has partnered with MORF to design and deliver their Water Leaders Program for the past 9 years.

The goal of Water Leaders is to positively impact the Colorado Water profession by developing a pipeline of emerging water leaders across various fields with the knowledge and skills to successfully navigate the complex world of Colorado water.



  • Four sessions (two days each) – meeting 6 weeks apart

  • Class size 16 participants

  • Participants placed into 4 facilitated trusted advisor cohorts (meet monthly)

  • Participants receive monthly executive coaching (for duration of program)

  • Participants select two industry leaders to shadow

  • Leader Unplugged -an opportunity to hear real-time challenges from industry leaders

  • Career Coaching – setting goals for what’s next

IMG_3240 (1).JPG
  • Participants take 6 Leadership Assessments: Myers Briggs, StrengthsFinder, Harrison, Enneagram, Five Dysfunctions of a Team assessment, 360 survey and 4 Personal Development assessments to get feedback about their leadership skills


Water Leaders, Class of 2018



Session One: Myself as a Leader

  • Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

  • Identify Strengths as a Leader

  • Leveraging Strengths with Difficult Situations at Work

  • Best Practices for Building a Healthy Team: Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability, Results  

  • Practice of Self-Awareness and Self-Management before Leading Others

  • Leader Unplugged


Session Two: Navigating Change and Emotional Intelligence

  • Deepen Your Understanding of EQ and Personal Triggers

  • Create Action Plan Around Difficult People and Situations  

  • What’s Your Suitability for Upper Management?  

  • Explore the Effects of Change and Transition

  • Develop Tools for Managing Your Boss or Board of Directors

  • Identification of Core Values

  • Introduction to Socratic Circles

  • Leader Unplugged


Session Three: Mastery in Communication and Navigating Conflict

  • Gain Insight into Personal Communication Style

  • Learn Tools to Communicate Effectively with Others

  • Explore Stress Behaviors When Under Acute and Chronic Conflict

  • Strategize on How to Bring out the Best When People are at Their Worst

  • Role Play Conflict Situations

  • Leader Unplugged


Session Four: Building a Community of Practice

  • Engage in ‘Finding Your Why’

  • Best Practices for Retention and Engagement

  • Delve into Enneagram to gain a Rich Perspective Into Self and Others

  • Build Community of Practice Plan

  • Leadership Panel

  • Graduation Ceremony


Water Leaders, Class of 2019

wateredco logo.jpg


We are incredibly thankful for the tremendous contributions of Cheryl Benedict, our previous Leadership Development Consultant and Executive Coach, who for 9 years shepherded over 140 Colorado Water Leaders along their leadership development journey.

Over the years Cheryl worked with our program staff to evolve the program, making it more meaningful and comprehensive every year. Cheryl expertly provided valuable, individualized training throughout the program, focusing on creating a psychologically safe environment for participants to grow in confidence and move toward their full potential. 

Program alumni who had the opportunity to work with Cheryl would often later say that in difficult situations they think, “WWCD - What Would Cheryl Do?” Her generous contributions, compassion, and extensive expertise translated into a skilled and emotionally intelligent group of alumni whose impactful careers and public service are contributing to effective and collaborative solutions for Colorado water today.

While Cheryl will no longer work with the Water Leaders Program, she will  continue to make a positive impact on leaders. Her focus has shifted to organizational development, working deeply within organizations to grow their leaders and prepare them for what’s next.

Recently, Cheryl won the Sound Advice Book Award (UK) for Best New Author 2020 for The Wisdom of Transition; Navigating Change at Work, which features stories from several of our Water Leaders alumni. She has plans to launch a podcast called "The In-Between" where she’ll invite guests to talk about transitions that have become transformational.  

“I have cherished my time with the Water Leaders Program. The connections made and the magic of Water Leaders will continue to live on in my heart. I’m a Maximizer, which means I derive an intrinsic and powerfully felt joy when I get to nurture the growth and development of others. I grin as I remember the nervousness of some of the Water Leaders during that first day of class – and now look at where you are today! It’s been a joy to be on this journey with you.”  
- Cheryl Benedict


Cheryl was an invaluable partner in helping grow Water Leaders into the highly regarded program it is today, and we are confident her legacy will live on in the program’s continued evolution. Undoubtedly she will continue to be a resource to this community. Thank you, Cheryl, for imparting your wisdom on us!



The WEco Team

March 25, 2021

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